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This is JustATouchof_J

All you need is JustATouchof_TheJ

All you need is JustATouchof_TheJ

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100 %  Vegan  ~Made in France~

“King Slim Magnetic Maxi Paks 1 1/4 Rolling Papers”

    • Magnetic Flap Booklet
    • Ultra Slow Burn
    • Made out of “All Natural Pure Hemp Paper and Hemp Natural Gum”
    • Filter Tips and Rolling Papers Are Both Thin High Quality Translucent and Additive Free
    • Size: 108mm x 44mm
    • 32 Leafs In A Booklet 



All You Need is #JustATouchof_TheJ

 Smoke my passion.

Roll up my french première édition numéro un rolling papers & let the slow burning smoothness take control of you.



This is #JustATouchof_J 

Everything else is God. I'm just tryna putit all out there in pieces for you baby.

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