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Taylor_Fit is “His Fit” - Fellas his Fits #JsFit.

Taylor_Fit is “His Fit” - Fellas his Fits #JsFit.

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His “Sexy Neoprene Latex Triple Belted 3 Hook Closure Waist Trainer” has so much structure and durability!” It promotes weight loss while generating internal & external heat (around) your entire core! It's one of the 5 Waist Trainers that I have available for men!

- The trainer instantly causes visual reduction of your abdominal area 1-5 inches while wearing it.

- The "Neoprene/Latex" material promotes a boost of thermal heat activation that rids excess fluids from (around) core, lower waistline, and your back area.

- The "3 hook closure and triple velcro straps" secures the shaper so it mobilizes fat cells, supports back support, and regulates stability during your workout.


- Wearing it can strengthen and support your abdominal muscles for optimal healing before and after workout.

- In conclusion it definitely defines and helps tighten your cores excess skin when worn consistently. 

Gents! #Taylor_Fit is His Fit, Especially for you.


    • Materials used in all pieces: Nylon, Spandex, Natural Latex, Neoprene/Latex, and Cotton.
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