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This is JustATouchof_J

JsFit is “My Fit” - Ladies yall hear that?

JsFit is “My Fit” - Ladies yall hear that?

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My “3 Row Hooked Neoprene Waist Trainer is one of my Favs!” Sis, not only is it doable.. it’s so comfy! It’s magnificent at making you sweat! I love how it promotes promising weight loss while generating internal & external heat (around) your entire midsection! It's one of the 8 Waist Trainers that I have available for women!

This shaper is a unique inclusive style just like my New #SlimThick_JsFit outfit named J!” Omg this piece is going to look so hot on you!

 - The trainer instantly causes visual reduction of your abdominal area 1-5 inches while wearing it.

- The 3 rows of hooks give you an extra layer to secure your fit! It also mobilizes fat cells, supports back support, and regulates stability during your workout. 

- The Neoprene/Latex material also promotes a boost of thermal heat activation that rids excess fluids from (around) your core, lower waistline, and back area.

- It can be used after postpartum for help with weight loss and diastasis recti! Wearing it can strengthen and support your abdominal muscles for optimal healing.

- In conclusion it definitely defines and helps tighten your cores excess skin when worn consistently. 

Sis, you’re going to look mesmerizing wearing this!

#JsFit is My Fit! Especially for you.


    • Materials used in all pieces: Nylon, Spandex, Natural Latex, Neoprene/Latex, and Cotton.
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